Virtual Learning Journeys

Build leadership skills in a virtual world

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What Your Leaders Need Most Right Now

In times of change and disruption, strong leaders are needed for business continuity, yet they are also faced with their own challenges. Now is also the time to make sure your leaders have the skills and support they need. 

With DDI by your side, we can help you deliver the high quality development your leaders need now, all in a virtual setting. We’ve built powerful development experiences designed for the specific skills your leaders will need to adapt and lead through tough times. 

Get an overview of virtual learning journeys to help your leaders:

  • Lead through change and disruption 
  • Lead in a virtual environment 
  • Maintain morale and engagement 
  • Stay strong under stress and pressure
  • Continue to coach and support others

Develop Leadership Skills in a Virtual World

With DDI’s suite of virtual solutions, your leaders can develop the skills they need to survive and thrive in these tough times. And they can do it from wherever they are. 

You can build leadership skills with interactive virtual classroom courses, designed to be as engaging and as effective as an on-site training session. Leaders can boost learning within minutes by completing short microcourses on hyper-relevant topics. Plus, they can practice and apply new skills with practical tools available on-demand. 

Explore what we’ve designed for you—or we’ll help you design your own virtual program.

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Thank you for the resources and support... to all of us struggling with these strange and unsettling times. 

— A client needing to pivot to virtual solutions

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