We’re sharing a short course to help you during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Leading Self in Times of Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak is adding significant stress to our daily lives. And it’s times like these when our leadership behaviors and actions may not always align with our intentions and our priorities.  

Even when leaders know what they should be doing, stress can cause them to act in ways that are very different. Our normal rational thinking and actions are often overridden by strong personal tendencies. This free microcourse, Leading Self in Times of Crisis, explores the impact of personal tendencies on your leadership style and behaviors in challenging times. 

If you haven’t taken a microcourse before, it’s a short, 15-minute course designed to help you quickly improve your skills.

Launch the course and learn:

What your own personal tendencies are, and tips for managing them

The risk of specific derailing tendencies during times of crisis

What you can do about your derailers

Free microcourse to help leaders during the coronavirus outbreak