How Optus has Pivoted to Deliver Virtual Classrooms

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*This webinar was presented by DDI Australia.

Leaders are needing support and fast – which means that right now, their development has to be virtual. Dare we say it again, but this is going to be the new normal, and likely the way of the future as we continue to experience social distancing and more dispersed, flexible workforces than ever before. You may have already heard from us on tips and best practices for setting up virtual classrooms, but how is this shift to virtual leadership development really playing out in Australian organisations?

In this on-demand webinar, Steve Reynolds, Organisational Development Manager at Optus, shares how they have implemented virtual classrooms to deliver the development experiences their leaders need right now.

You will learn: 

  • How Optus has evolved their approach to developing core leadership skills to include more virtual learning
  • How they experimented with ways to embed learning through applied practice and ongoing support
  • How they overcame the challenges of virtual classroom to ensure learners felt connected
  • Real and valuable insights and feedback on the efficacy and pitfalls of virtual classroom vs. face-to-face learning

Designed for DDI clients, prospective clients and DDI-certified facilitators, this webinar will provide you with a case study of virtual classrooms in action – where you may take tips and tricks back to your own organisation.

How Optus has Pivoted to Deliver Virtual Classrooms