Hack Hybrid Learning

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We all know that strong leadership is the foundation to success, but few acknowledge that most leaders are at the frontline level. In most organizations, frontline leaders account for 50-60 percent of a company’s leadership and directly supervise as much as 80 percent of the workforce. The mindset towards leadership development needs to shift from focusing on individual potential to organizational potential, which is fulfilled, not by the number of leaders, but by the frequency of people acting like leaders.

Our research shows that the preference in development programs has moved towards online learning programs that are self-paced, bite sized and personalized. While the online learning modality may address some of these preferences, there are still certain limitations that only offline learning can fulfill. 

How do organizations create leadership development programs for their frontline leaders that leverage the strengths and efficiencies of each modality, while acknowledging their limitations?

Sharing with us their insights and best practices about what’s working and what’s not are our esteemed panelists:

  • Faith Ngeow | Director of Talent Development (APAC), Herbalife Nutrition
  • Donna Grande | Senior Vice President of HR Support, QBE-Group Shared Services Centre
  • Tony Zhang | O2O Solution Consultant, DDI Shanghai
  • Roland B. Ruiz | Managing Director, DDI Philippines (Host)