Do Better Together: A Culture of Inclusion Starts With Leadership

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Leaders Make or Break Your D&I Efforts

The business case for diversity and inclusion has been made clear in study after study. But despite good intentions, many companies struggle to make progress. Only 31% of employees feel that their leaders promote an inclusive team environment.

DDI is committed to being a positive force for empathy, enlightenment, and real change to move towards inclusion. We'll be by your side to develop leaders who can foster a more diverse and inclusive culture. 

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How to Develop Inclusive Leaders

DDI can help your leaders build foundational skills that set the tone for inclusion. An on-demand webinar, How to Develop Your Leaders for a More Inclusive Workplace, shares perspectives and explores our tools that can help you develop more inclusive leaders. Access today and learn: 

  • What actions your leaders can take now to promote racial equality and inclusion
  • How to develop inclusive behaviors with your leaders
  • How technology can help build empathy and support your D&I efforts

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Bring Inclusion to Life with Virtual Reality

There’s a big reason why so many diversity and inclusion initiatives fail: key leaders just don’t “get it.” If they haven’t experienced exclusion, it’s hard to understand the barriers.

DDI’s award-winning virtual reality inclusion experience can change that. With a few minutes in a virtual world, we can take leaders out of their comfort zones. With a new spark of awareness, your leaders can have a powerful conversation about inclusion at your organization. And more importantly, they’ll commit to taking action.

Explore How VR Builds Empathy

For those in positions of power right now, the most significant act of leadership is showing empathy. It will not erase what has happened, nor fix the future. But while empathy is critical, it’s only lip-service if it’s not followed by action.  

Tacy Byham, CEO of DDI in her blog "Is This Time Different?"

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